Know Your Superhero


Superheroes have been popular for a long time and now have been even more favorites in the younger generation. Since its creations, we all have been following one or more superheroes. They act like ideals or Icons for most of us and we try to implicate our behavior with them. I still remember the time when we used to buy DC and Marvel comics and how we used to spend our vacations reading those back to back series. Now, these comics have been converted to movies and we enjoy watching these on big screens. Superheroes are in demand always and so are their accessories. There are multiple online portals selling Avengers Gifts and one of them is The ShopCircuit.

The ShopCircuit has been one of the best available gift websites India providing Superhero Merchandise & Gifts. The collection available on the store is unique and creative and can’t be easily found on any other portal. Let’s get to know more about these superheroes

  • Batman: The Batman in reel life and Bruce Wayne in real life. Batman was created in 1939 and is looking to take revenge from his parent’s murderer.

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  • Spider-man: Superhero of all times and is one of our favorite. Also known as Peter Parker. Spider-man crawls all over the city to defeat his enemies.

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  • Iron Man: Also known as Tony Stark, was an engineer and was hijacked to build a giant weapon. Instead, he builds his suit which is inseparable and became Iron man.

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  • Superman: Superman was created in 1938 and is one of the oldest series. He is an icon and is among the most followed superhero. Also known as Clark Kent and uses his cape to fly around and fight against his enemies.

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  • Cap America: Otherwise known as Steve Rogers, was created by Marvel in 1941. Captain America is amicable and a passionate patriot.

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  • The Hulk: He is a giant green humanoid and is insanely strong and is invulnerable to attacks. The character as created by Marvel in 1962.

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  • Thor: Thor was created by Marvel and is known as the God of Thunder. Thor uses his hammer to control the weather and it also helps him fly.

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These were few famous characters from comics and movies. We are also in love with these reel life characters and are committed to provide funky coffee mugs online to all Superhero lovers. These mugs are especially designed considering the character and their resemblance. Superhero Gifts are in demand always and we always receive feedback for our Unique Gifts collection dedicated to Superhero lovers.